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Cayo Guillermo Cuba All Inclusive Caribbean Vacations

All Inclusive family vacations on the virgin prestine beaches of Cayo Guillermo Cuba  could be the perfect Cuban holiday you and your family have been dreaming about.  Cayo Guillermo luxury all inclusive resorts are all located north beside Cayo Coco island, so the prefect sun rises on the beach every morning of your Cuba hioliday directly in front of your All inclusive resorts hotels. Cayo Guillermo island is made up of five miles of three magnificeint white sand green blue water beaches on a small private island. Cayo Coco and Cayo Guillermo are both part of "Jardins del Rey's" a imposibly beautifu string of virgin keys that are called The King's Gardens" with secluded finest nude beaches separated by untouched ancient coral reefs that are a treasure to float between these virgin beaches  barefoot or even nude for the daring few that want to show off thier bodies and get a perfect tan.
Playa Pilar in Cayo Guillermo is the longest beach with four Cuban owned and managed All inclusive resort hotels in Cayo Guillermo. The sand is sunny white hot and very fine for beach storlling however the most beautiful and popular beach of Cayo Guillermo and even Cayo Coco, Playa Pilar. Walking to Playa Pilar from the Cuban luxury hotel zone better to go by the beach if you still want to get there by the beach, do not forget to bring a good supply of clean drinkable water and strong SPF 50+ sunscreen lotion. Toruist can also take the Cuban Hotel shuttle bus that runs all day between the two islands of Cayo Coco and Cayo Guillermo up to Playa Pilar up for 5 CUC per person for the whole day. Allthe beaches in Cayo Guillermo & Cayo Coco Cuba are public, so access is open to everyone and unrestricted to Cubana's. The slope to enter the sea is low and the water is shallow due to its sand dune, the highest of the Caribbean which are over 15 meters above sea level perfect for Sand Skiing from the top into the caribbean waters in your bikini. Cayo Guillermo is a favorite spot for families, because the water is shallow and the dangers of drowning are slim yet perfect for all types of water sports.
Cayo Guillermo Healthy Resort Spas in Cuba
Windsurfing in Cayo Guillermo All inclusive Resorts in Cuba

Cayo Guillermo Heath Resorts

Tourist that vacation  in Cayo Guillermo health spa resorts and  all inclusive resorts find that the beach is very healthy for your body and your mind. All the Cuban 5 star hotels offer therapeutic massages on the beach and very affordable health spa services like manicures and pedicures.  The width of the beaches in Cayo Coco varies a lot depending of the Caribbean sea's tides. From six to more than fifty meters wide at low tide. Rarely, you will see a flag other than green at the beach! Beach at Melia Cayo Guillermo  has a high beach and low tide so its good to know that your Cuba Vacation is all-inclusive package that includes non-motorized water sports like kayaking, hobby cat, windsurfing, Snorkeling, scuba diving and water skiing etc.

All Cuban hotels in Cayo Guillermo have their own water sports center with personal instructors located on Cayo Coco and Cayo Guillermo beach. Big Protective umbrellas with beach chairs, palapas and beach towels are also included in your travel package. Upon arrival at the hotel, you'll receive a Free discount coupon for a mojito and daiquiri to present to the club house to get your free drinks and beach towels. One good tip to remember is Do not loose you coupons because if you lose your beach towel, a fee of 20 CUC will be charged when you check out. Please do not leave your towels unattended all day at the beach, some foreign tourists and local pretty Cubana girls may steal your heart as well as you towels from other tourists because they do not want to pay the fee so be careful and watch your beach towels during your holiday

As for Nude beaches in Cuba, topless is allowed on the beach but its mostly foreign women that take it all off. Sometimes women will be topless around the pool, but rarely do you see women walking nude or on the beach topless. The foreign tourists that are looking for adventure usually go to the western secluded part of Playa Pilar for a al nude frolic on the beach which is about half a kilometer to Cayo Guillermo beach with a great spots to relax in the nude or topless in private Au Natural.
Once thing guaranteed is that Cayo Guillermo holidays offers one of the best all inclusive vacations in all of Cuba and possibly the cheapest all inclusive vacation packages in the Caribbean and Cuba.
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CUBA has long been considered the small pristine romantic island of the Caribbean.
Recently discovered romantic get-a-ways uncovered the honeymoon secret hideaway in Cayo Guillermo on the northern coast of Cuba.  Cayo Guillermo of the "Lovers Key" as its referred to by the local Cubans, offers all the breathtaking natural attractions of its neighbor, Cayo Coco yet on a much smaller romantic beach by inviting honeymooners and loving couples to an even more secluded peaceful romantic desert island experience.
Cayo Guillermo Romantic Holidays are for true nature lovers only and are based on a wee island paradise with natural virgin Caribbean beaches, totaling only 8 sq. miles, smaller than neighboring Cayo Coco.
Vacations in Cayo Guillermo romantic island appeal to those lovers looking for the excitement and romance of a virtually pristine deserted island. With this recipe of white sand beaches and crystal clear green blue warm water, Cayo Guillermo Honeymooners are particularly popular with couples and lovers of shallow diving and vivid fish snorkeling. Both Cayo Guillermo and Cayo Coco share a strong commitment to natural eco tourism and the preservation of a holeistic natrtual environment both on and off the resorts by offering a wide variety of exotic fauna and undiscovered marine life.
If you are treasure hunting for the perfect secluded honeymoon ecological lovers playground then Cayo Guillermo was created for you.
Cuba Hotel Deals
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One of Cuba's premier beach destinations, distinguished by some of the most pristine sands and water on the island, Cayo Coco and Cayo Guillermo are cousin cays reached by crossing a 27km (17-mile) pedraplén, or man-made causeway, that extends from the mainland over the shimmering, shallow waters of the Atlantic. The cays share some of the same attributes as Varadero, but with a more isolated and natural feel, and without the interminable string of hotels.
Though these cays were explored way back in 1514, when Diego Velázquez named the stretch of islands and cays along the north coast Jardines del Rey (The King's Gardens), Cayo Coco was only developed for tourism in the early 1990s. The development on its neighboring cay, Guillermo, is newer still. Until construction of the causeway in 1988, the Cayos remained completely isolated, exclusively known to local fishermen and adventurous sailors like Ernest Hemingway.
The cays are part of the Archipélago de Camagüey, which extends 300km (185 miles) along the north coast and consists of some 400 large islands and small cays. Cayos Coco and Guillermo, the most developed of the entire stretch, are populated by just a handful of resort hotels -- although more are planned. The unspoiled beaches have spectacular white and powdery sand and the waters are a classic Caribbean-style crystalline turquoise. The area's natural gifts are some of the best in Cuba: nearly 400km (250 miles) of coral reef, plus an eco-tourist's bundle of lagoons, marshes, and one of the island's most abundant populations of birds, with more than 150 species. The latter include the Americas' largest native colony of pink flamingos, estimated at upwards of 10,000 birds, which often appear as a gauzy pink haze shimmering on the horizon (except in May, when they venture close to the causeway), as well as herons, pelicans, black and white egrets, the white ibis, and other tropical species. The waters off the cays are flush with grouper, snapper, and mackerel, while deeper off the coast fishermen find marlin and swordfish.


A third cay east of Cayo Coco, Cayo Romano, and the beaches out on Cayo Paredón Grande (tiny despite its name), are the next bull's-eye targeted for Cuban hotel development in the archipelago, although no construction has yet begun. For now, the main resorts are Cayo Coco and Cayo Guillermo, and they're quite popular with Canadian and British travelers, as well as a good number of Germans and French. The focus for most guests is trained squarely on the beaches, swimming pools, watersports, dining and drinking, in-house activities, and nightly entertainment; rare is the traveler who comes seeking something else. If you have other activities in mind, your sense of isolation could be significant, although for those who get antsy, all the hotels offer local excursions as well as day trips and overnights to Trinidad, Camagüey, and Havana.
A Bridge So Far -- To declare that Cayo Coco and Guillermo are only nominally connected to the rest of Cuba is no exaggeration. One has to pass a guarded checkpoint (CUC$2 toll each way) to access the pedraplén that bridges the distance between the mainland and the cays. The only Cubans allowed to pass the checkpoint are the 3,500 employees of the resort hotels or others with official work business there. If you are driving a rental vehicle, your car may be inspected to insure that you are not transporting any Cuban interlopers. A few Cubans who are the lucky beneficiaries of special vacations from the state are also allowed access. When people talk about Cuba's penchant for creating apartheid-like tourist sites, the northern cays are often cited as a prime example.


Most folks simply take advantage of the bars and nightly shows at their all-inclusive resort. The Sol Cayo Coco has one of the largest, most atmospheric and liveliest discos of the large resorts. Another alternative is the nightly cabaret show at the Cueva del Jabalí (tel. 33/30-1206). The show is rather simple and pedestrian, but the setting is quite interesting in the belly of a small underground cave. Admission is $5. The show starts at 10pm and dancing follows. Mosquitoes are sometimes a problem inside the cave, so wear some repellent, or long-sleeved clothing.
Another alternative is La Bolera, a four-lane bowling alley/bar/cabaret near the Meliá Playa Guillermo

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Hotel Melia Cayo Guillermo from €150
Cayo Guillermo’s first five-star hotel, the Meliá Cayo Guillermo is an extraordinary tourist destination offering first-rate services in Cuba’s Sabana Camaguey archipelago.

Hotel Iberostar Daiquiri from €95 With its particular architecture featuring a colonial town, extensive gardens and wide private beach, this hotel is a favorite for Caribbean lovers.

Hotel Sol Cayo Guillermo €127--> from €89 The Cayo Guillermo All-Inclusive hotel complex is situated on one of the most beautiful beaches of Cayo Guillermo .

Hotel Villa Cojimar from €69 Budget hotel on all inclusive basis. Most rooms have seaviews. Watersports activities available.


Fishing in the Caribbean is well known as a big attraction, bringing in tourists from around the world to sample the delights of its warm, tropical waters. Deep sea fishing in Cuba is particularly popular, and boats can be hired at various locations around the island.
The most popular area for deep sea fishing in Cuba is on the North West coast at Cayo Guillermo, a location that Ernest Hemmingway was fond of when fishing. Cuba's nearby island, Cayo Coco, is another favourite locale, and the lakes nearby also offer a fresh water alternative for Caribbean fishing. Elsewhere in Cuba, fishing on the beaches is an alternative as. unlike some other countries, fishing in Cuba is legal across the island.
For more information, speak to one of our representatives on 08444 129916, who will be happy to offer guidance about fishing in Cuba, one of the country's biggest attractions for a relaxing break away. We can offer guidance on the best places to go fishing in Cuba, and the best resorts to base yourself in.

These two scuba diving holiday hotspots can be found nearby the Old Channel of the Bahamas. In the lower part of the Bahia de los Perros, situated on the south coast of Cayo Coco in an area exposed at low tide, live many sea birds that can be clearly seen from the viewpoint at La Silla.
The drive along the causeway to Cayo Coco is around 18 miles from where its coral reef extends for more than 13 miles, with white, fine sands and clear waters. Cayo Coco holiday makers will be treated to an area renowned for the softness of its golden sands, the stunning beauty of its seafloor, and its landscapes of glorious vegetation, where deer, pigs and other wild animals wander freely.
The region contains many outstanding rocky points, glorious coastal shelves and meandering natural trails making it one of the most aesthetically pleasing sites in Cuba. Among the 158 bird species living on these keys are sinsontillo, arriero, and pelicans.
Cayo Guillermo is 8 miles long, boasting five beaches. They are very similar to the beaches of Cayo Coco, ensuring a similarly beautiful experience outside of the waters! Around half a mile out is a fascinating coral reef where several kinds of coral can be seen including the brain coral. The best beaches are playa El Paso, which is 3 miles long, playa del Medio and playa Larga, all of which boast glorious white sands and warm, clear blue waters. Whatever one's interests, holidays in Cayo Coco and Cayo Guillermo are always enchanting and captivating.
Those scuba diving in Cayo Coco or Cayo Guillermo will find many varieties of corals and sponges, caves, crevices, walls and tunnels. The special attraction for scuba diving holiday makers in this area is the huge variety and quantity of fish as a result of its proximity to the Bahamas Trench. The sites are filled with tarpons, snappers, groupers, pompanos, Atlantic spadefish, and sergeant majors.

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Cayo Guillermo Holidays

Cayo Guillermo Holidays