Thursday, March 18, 2010


CUBA has long been considered the small pristine romantic island of the Caribbean.
Recently discovered romantic get-a-ways uncovered the honeymoon secret hideaway in Cayo Guillermo on the northern coast of Cuba.  Cayo Guillermo of the "Lovers Key" as its referred to by the local Cubans, offers all the breathtaking natural attractions of its neighbor, Cayo Coco yet on a much smaller romantic beach by inviting honeymooners and loving couples to an even more secluded peaceful romantic desert island experience.
Cayo Guillermo Romantic Holidays are for true nature lovers only and are based on a wee island paradise with natural virgin Caribbean beaches, totaling only 8 sq. miles, smaller than neighboring Cayo Coco.
Vacations in Cayo Guillermo romantic island appeal to those lovers looking for the excitement and romance of a virtually pristine deserted island. With this recipe of white sand beaches and crystal clear green blue warm water, Cayo Guillermo Honeymooners are particularly popular with couples and lovers of shallow diving and vivid fish snorkeling. Both Cayo Guillermo and Cayo Coco share a strong commitment to natural eco tourism and the preservation of a holeistic natrtual environment both on and off the resorts by offering a wide variety of exotic fauna and undiscovered marine life.
If you are treasure hunting for the perfect secluded honeymoon ecological lovers playground then Cayo Guillermo was created for you.
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