Wednesday, June 10, 2009


Fishing in the Caribbean is well known as a big attraction, bringing in tourists from around the world to sample the delights of its warm, tropical waters. Deep sea fishing in Cuba is particularly popular, and boats can be hired at various locations around the island.
The most popular area for deep sea fishing in Cuba is on the North West coast at Cayo Guillermo, a location that Ernest Hemmingway was fond of when fishing. Cuba's nearby island, Cayo Coco, is another favourite locale, and the lakes nearby also offer a fresh water alternative for Caribbean fishing. Elsewhere in Cuba, fishing on the beaches is an alternative as. unlike some other countries, fishing in Cuba is legal across the island.
For more information, speak to one of our representatives on 08444 129916, who will be happy to offer guidance about fishing in Cuba, one of the country's biggest attractions for a relaxing break away. We can offer guidance on the best places to go fishing in Cuba, and the best resorts to base yourself in.

These two scuba diving holiday hotspots can be found nearby the Old Channel of the Bahamas. In the lower part of the Bahia de los Perros, situated on the south coast of Cayo Coco in an area exposed at low tide, live many sea birds that can be clearly seen from the viewpoint at La Silla.
The drive along the causeway to Cayo Coco is around 18 miles from where its coral reef extends for more than 13 miles, with white, fine sands and clear waters. Cayo Coco holiday makers will be treated to an area renowned for the softness of its golden sands, the stunning beauty of its seafloor, and its landscapes of glorious vegetation, where deer, pigs and other wild animals wander freely.
The region contains many outstanding rocky points, glorious coastal shelves and meandering natural trails making it one of the most aesthetically pleasing sites in Cuba. Among the 158 bird species living on these keys are sinsontillo, arriero, and pelicans.
Cayo Guillermo is 8 miles long, boasting five beaches. They are very similar to the beaches of Cayo Coco, ensuring a similarly beautiful experience outside of the waters! Around half a mile out is a fascinating coral reef where several kinds of coral can be seen including the brain coral. The best beaches are playa El Paso, which is 3 miles long, playa del Medio and playa Larga, all of which boast glorious white sands and warm, clear blue waters. Whatever one's interests, holidays in Cayo Coco and Cayo Guillermo are always enchanting and captivating.
Those scuba diving in Cayo Coco or Cayo Guillermo will find many varieties of corals and sponges, caves, crevices, walls and tunnels. The special attraction for scuba diving holiday makers in this area is the huge variety and quantity of fish as a result of its proximity to the Bahamas Trench. The sites are filled with tarpons, snappers, groupers, pompanos, Atlantic spadefish, and sergeant majors.

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